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Decision Making/Transitions/Wellness/Complex Situations/

Discovering New Passions/Achieving Goals/Balance/​Stress Management



  • Are you facing a decision, dilemma, or complicated situation?

  • Are you going through a life transition (relationship, business/career/education, season of life)?

  • Are you wanting more accomplishment, creativity, meaning, connection, or fun in your life?

  • Is something missing, but you're not quite sure what?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to, someone who gets it, who understands what you care about, and who can help you create your path?


That’s what I do.


In solution focused life coaching with me, you’ll discover the things that are already working in your life, and you’ll tap into them in new ways, to reach decisions and to get to where you want to be.


Who benefits from solution focused life coaching?


Solution focused life coaching is for the client who wants the benefits of coaching from a solution-focused perspective. You might want solution focused life coaching for many different reasons—far more than can be listed here. That’s because solution focused life coaching is always individually tailored to your goals, your strengths, and your unique situation. It’s also okay to be somewhat unclear about what you want at the beginning of the process. The details of your goals will emerge during our work together. That said, here are some examples of areas for change that clients sometimes bring:


• Decision making—in any area. Discovering when you're ready to take a leap and when a decision still needs to “ripen."

• Writing the next chapter for times of transition (a move, a change in work or how one spends one’s time, relationship changes, changes in the family—a new baby, a child enters school, a parent is aging, life following bereavement, and many, many more).

• Changing course. Recognizing and nurturing that whisper in your head and your heart—Might I go in a different direction?–while also recognizing the systems you're part of and taking into account what’s of value to you and the people who mean the most to you.

• Turning an idea or a dream into reality—in artistic, professional, technology, or business endeavors, including creative combinations of these. Thinking big—and creating detailed steps to make your dream happen. Thinking big and outside the box, and at the same time recognizing possible obstacles, and planning strategies for managing them.

• Enhancing wellness and self-care. Deepening your relationships: increasing confidence and connection.

• Creating balance among the many things and people important to you.

• Managing complicated situations and stress. Growing your resilience. Stuff happens sometimes, for all of us. When life deals a bad hand, playing it well (in the words of Robert Louis Stevenson).

• Adding a new passion to your life: a new activity, a cause, some adventure, an artistic endeavor, spirituality.

• Giving back to your community, to the environment, the planet.


And many, many more. It is truly up to you!

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